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JNTO Tourist Information Center

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Located in the heart of Tokyo, the JNTO Tourist Information Center (JNTO TIC) serves as a gateway to all of Japan. From guidebooks and personal travel advice to local specialties and activities, this is a must-visit facility for both visitors and residents alike.

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    JNTO Tourist Information Center
  • A Local Approach

    You’ll find JNTO TIC on Marunouchi’s famed promenade, Naka-dori. It’s on the first floor of the Shin-Tokyo Building, easily accessed from multiple subway and train stations. This central spot — completely run by JNTO proper — is a great base to discover and explore destinations both near and far. One wall is lined with pamphlets and brochures introducing all of Japan’s 47 prefectures, while the window shelves display samples of products sold in shops in the area.

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    Marunouchi Naka-dori Street
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    Multilingual pamphlets and brochures from all over Japan
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    Window shelf
  • Information Accessible to Everyone

    JNTO TIC strives to make sure everyone feels welcome. Staff members, who have received the necessary training in tourist information, serve people with varying needs while providing a language support system in English, Chinese, and Korean. They are also well-versed in communicating through visual and auditory aids such as whiteboards and apps.
    The center has been renovated to comply with universal design standards, making it more easily accessible for people from all walks of life. The multipurpose space in the back can be used for nursing, prayer, and rest for those who are not feeling well, mainly as part of their service to foreign visitors. Prayer mats are available to borrow upon request.

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    Multipurpose space
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    Prayer mats
  • JNTO TIC feels it’s vital that people feel safe in their travels around Japan. Outside of typical tourist information requests, staff members can offer you advice on what to do and who to contact in case of emergencies or problems. They can help create new travel routes if you have missed a bus and need to find alternative forms of transport to a new destination. By giving the tools you need for your journey, beyond basic travel tips, you can feel more comfortable exploring Japan, even if you don’t know the language. Please feel free to drop by anytime, for any reason.

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    Variety of kimono
  • Cultural Experiences to Feel Japan

    JNTO TIC doesn’t just provide information, it’s also a place to try out new experiences and gain deep cultural insights. Wear colorful kimono and take memorable photos with your friends and family. The service is completely free of charge and available during the information center’s opening hours. No prior reservation is needed. Simply approach the staff at the counter with your request.
    Note: Cultural experiences such as calligraphy and furoshiki, including kimono, are currently unavailable due to Covid-19 precautions. When the service is resumed, the previous method of provision and some of the contents may change.

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    Photos of travelers from around the world who have experienced kimono wearing
  • There are also free cultural workshops available by request, where you can learn traditional Japanese arts. Try writing some basic calligraphy or a furoshiki folding class, where you can learn how to wrap items in beautiful furoshiki cloths. This delightful tradition is both attractive and sustainable — it’s sure to impress everyone back home!

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    Sample display of furoshiki usage
  • To learn more about the center, we spoke to Mr. Umemiya, manager of JNTO TIC.

    Q:What do you believe is the advantage of tourism information centers like this, as opposed to doing all the travel research on your own?

    A:Our center is staffed with a team of about 10 multilingual travel professionals, and we can provide support for any kind of traveler. To find the best plan for each individual, we listen carefully to their interests —travelers themselves often end up discovering new potential destinations and activities as we talk! Also, we provide support for those who don’t speak Japanese by contacting hotels and travel operators to confirm schedules as the situation requires.

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    A scene of guiding
  • Q:What is your favorite aspect of this job?

    A:We have several repeat visitors who come back and share their stories and their photos with us. It’s wonderful to be a part of someone’s memories. It feels like having a good friend return and it’s rewarding for all of us. We feel like we are travel partners on people’s Japan journeys.

  • The staff at JNTO TIC are ready and waiting to help make your Japan trip a fun, exciting and safe experience.

*The information herein is as of January 2023.

Facility information

  • Hours of Operation
  • 9:00 - 17:00
  • Holidays
  • January 1
  • Address
  • 〒100-0005 Shin Tokyo Bldg. 1F, 3-3-1 Marunouchi, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo
  • Access
  • 1-minute walk from Exit 6 of Tokyo Station, 8-minute walk from South Exit of Tokyo Station
  • TEL
  • 03-3201-3331