We are here to help JNTO certified Tourist Information Center

We are here to help JNTO certified Tourist Information Center

JNTO certified Tourist Information Centers (TICs) serve as a Travel Concierge you can rely on while travelling in Japan!

About the certified system for tourist information centers

There are about 1,500 JNTO certified Tourist Information Centers all over Japan.
These centers are classified into four categories based on the functions, such as the number of supported languages and contents of provided information.
This logo serves as a landmark for JNTO certified Tourist Information Centers!
If you see this logo, please feel free to drop by.

For all your travel needs in Japan, you can rely on JNTO certified Tourist Information Centers (TICs). We can provide you with basic travel tips and up-to-date information on popular tourist attractions to comprehensive advice tailored to your specific needs. Got a question? Simply ask our staff — all local travel professionals with a passion for helping people — to give you a hand. Some TIC locations also offer baggage storage, discount coupons, and bicycle rental services.
* Check your local TIC to confirm whether these services are provided.
Here are four things that TICs can assist you with on your journey in Japan.

  • Dive into Japanese culture with your TIC.

    The best way to understand a country is by experiencing its culture firsthand. Whether you want to wear a kimono, join a tea ceremony, or try your hand at calligraphy, our knowledgeable TIC staff members can connect you with activities and services that best suit your interests and needs. Some information centers even offer their own in-house cultural experiences!

  • Give your trip a local flavor.

    TICs are staffed by local travel experts with extensive knowledge and a desire to make your trip a memorable one. They are happy to provide recommendations on popular sights, events, and activities, but make sure to make the most of their information, too! They know their regions like the back of their hand and can fill you in on places you might not find in guidebooks or online. Encountering unexpected experiences and spots will make your trip even more fantastic.

  • Got a problem? Let the TIC give you a hand.

    Lost your luggage? Or perhaps you’ve gotten hurt and you need to find a doctor? From a minor issue like your smartphone battery running out to support in the event of a natural disaster, remember the TIC when you are in need. Visit a TIC for advice and we will do our utmost to help you out.

  • We're here to help.
    Find us all over Japan.

    With more than 1,500 TIC locations throughout Japan, you are sure to find us. Look for this symbol while traveling. You’ll be in good hands!

Check out this video to learn all about JNTO certified TICs

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