Misasa Town, Tottori Prefecture

Misasa Onsen Tourist Information Center

Discover authentic Japan with Misasa
hot spring town and Mt. Mitoku



Located in central Tottori Prefecture, Misasa Onsen is a town permeated by a deep sense of peace and tranquility. The Mitoku River flows right through the middle of the old-fashioned hot spring district. Next to the main bridge, you can even see locals relaxing in the riverside open-air bath. Misasa is also the starting point of the pilgrimage to Mt. Mitoku, said to be a sacred place of mountain asceticism tradition since the 7th century!

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    Kawaraburo (riverside open-air bath)
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    Misasa-bashi Bridge as the center of the onsen town
  • A small town with an international touch

    If you come by bus, you will arrive right in front of the Misasa Onsen Tourist Information Center. The building is brand new and offers plenty of space for visitors. Since 2019, there is also a staff member from France, Anthony, who has been playing a central role in many new projects. The information center can now handle requests in foreign languages and help most visitors from Japan and overseas!

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    The exterior of Misasa Onsen Tourist Information Center
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    The logo for JNTO-certified Tourist Information Centers
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    Buses stop in front of the center
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    The open-plan interior with an open-ceiling space
  • Your local hosts

    The information center staff know every corner of the town and can offer you information only known to local people, always with an international perspective. Looking for a vegetarian lunch? Searching for a tattoo-friendly place? Lost in bus timetables? We have you covered. You can also learn from the staff about the healing properties of Misasa Onsen hot springs, which are world-famous for containing a high radon concentration!

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    Please feel free to talk to us at the counter
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    Brochures in many different languages are available
  • Prepare your ascension of Mt. Mitoku

    Mt. Mitoku, a sacred mountain and temple complex with a history of more than 1,300 years, is one of Tottori’s jewels. The path up Mt. Mitoku has some narrow ways, chain-guardrail drops, and slippery places. Once you enter this sacred site, there is also strict etiquette to follow. Before your pilgrimage, we strongly recommend you make a stop at Misasa Onsen Tourist Information Center to inquire about the etiquette and the safety rules. This will be a great opportunity to discuss the history and traditions of Mt. Mitoku with our local staff.

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    Mt. Mitoku
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    You can rent walking poles at the center
  • Here is an excerpt from our discussion with Anthony during our visit to Misasa Onsen Tourist Information Center.

    Q:What do you like about Misasa Onsen?

    A:First, the landscape. With the mountains and the valley, it’s a typical Japanese landscape. Almost the opposite of the flat coastal landscape of Normandy where I come from. Then, the town’s unique atmosphere. It’s difficult to express with words, but when I first came to Misasa, I felt like this place suited me. You could describe it as love at first sight with someone you just met for the first time. So, you too should visit Misasa and experience this feeling!

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    Mitoku River flowing through the center of the onsen town
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    Towncape with a unique atmosphere
  • Q:What is unique about this area (different from other areas)? What would you like foreign visitors to Misasa to enjoy?

    A:I think it is an area where you can experience authentic Japan and feel the daily life of the local people. Misasa also has a universal charm. I believe that anyone, regardless of nationality, can experience the charm of this area.

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    A public bathhouse which local people use as well
  • Q:Are there any services unique to this information center?

    A:Misasa can be quiet at night, so on Friday and Saturday we organize a free show with drums and other traditional Japanese instruments inside the information center. We hope it can bring the visitors a unique memory of their trip to Misasa!

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    You can enjoy special performances unique to Misasa on weekend nights
  • Q:What would be your message to visitors from overseas?

    A:It may be a simple thought, but I would be happy if you could feel the same special affection as I do. It is a small town with not so many activities to offer, but I believe that Mt. Mitoku and Misasa Onsen offer authentic experiences.

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    Anthony and Misasaradon, a local character of Misasa
  • So, if you’re looking for an off-the-beaten-tracks destination for your next trip to Japan, you know where to go!

*The information herein is as of December 2022.

Facility information

  • Hours of Operation
  • 8:30 - 17:30
  • Holidays
  • Open 365 days
  • Address
  • 〒682-0123 973-1 Misasa, Misasa-cho, Tohaku County, Tottori
  • Access
  • 25 minutes by bus from JR Kurayoshi Station -> Misasa Onsen Kanko Shoko Center-mae stop
  • TEL
  • 0858-43-0431